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I'm a Rose Festival Clown. It is a joy to meet and make people smile.
Sir Lafalot at City Fair.


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My best friend Harry a loyal Golden Retriever passed away in 2022

My Story  (briefly)

Since coming to Portland I have been involved in the movement to get special interest money out of the political system. I am currently a member of the State Council of the Oregon Progressive Party.  I have recently been endorsed by the OPP and by Dr. Cornel West. 

I feel uniquely qualified for this position in large part due to almost twenty five years as a training and organizational  development professional. A major focus of my career was working within public and private organizations helping leaders learn how to work collaboratively to achieve consensus on goals and succeed without conflict.  I am also a Project Management Professional (PMP), with extensive experience running large and small projects for a diverse set of clients including, The DC School Department the NYC School Department, the Department of Homeland Security, Reebok International, AT&T and Fidelity Investments.  


I am the grandchild of Russian immigrants. My mother's father was a sailor in WWI, my father fought in WW II, and my only brother was a naval officer in Vietnam. Although I wanted to serve my country, I could not accept being involved in the unjust and horrific war in Vietnam. I .served my country by being a leader in the anti-war movement to "stop the war".


My interest in politics began as a nineteen-year-old in the first draft for the Vietnam War, the only draft since World War II. I received a high draft number that would exclude me from being forced to choose to leave the country. I spent the next several years organizing student protests against the war. In 1972 I moved to SF., working nights at the US Postal Service while I attended San Francisco City College. State colleges were free for CA residents, a process which I whole heartedly support. I finished my BS degree in NY, and worked as a Vocational Teacher in Attleboro Massachusetts, before moving into corporate America as an HR and Training professional. 

I joined the Rose Festival Clowns as "SIr Lafalot". in 2019 and love every minute of it.  


I'm always eager to hear what you have to say about your needs, concerns and suggestions.

Text or call: 971.346.0062 

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