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Free public education beyond High School should be supported ASAP

Expanding access to quality education through the community college system in Oregon is a top priority. The ability to pay, or accruing extensive student debt should no longer be required. 


My first job after college was as a high school vocational teacher. Students were able to spend four hours a day for three years learning a trade. Upon graduation, 98% of our graduates were offered either apprenticeships or full-time employment.  None of them had to absorb thousands of dollars of student debt.  The unions are at the front line of creating meaningful high-paying jobs,

According to the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries, there are dozens of opportunities waiting to be filled. 

Check out the site if you or someone you know is looking to gain skills and start a rewarding career that doesn't require a college degree.


I will work to make sure that we fund as many of these programs as possible.  Every program is different, but most do not require prior experience or a high school diploma.

We can't afford NOT to expand free education all. 

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