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Join these and others to help me represent the needs of our city and our neighborhoods on the new City Council. 

Angel Ocasio: Artistic Director Portland Rose Festival

Dr. Cornel West: 2024 Candidate for POTUS

David Delk: Former Chair of Oregon Progressive Party

David Hess: Secretary of Oregon Progressive Party 

Doug Marshall: President: Hope for the Homeless Foundation

Kevin Fitts: Dir. Oregon Mental Health Consumer Association

Leslie Gregory: Founder:

Mike DiNapoli: Candidate for Portland City Council District 4

Mike Schmidt: Multnomah County District Attorney

Moses Ross: Candidate for Portland City Council District 4

Nathalie Paravicini: Former Candidate for Governor 

Paul Gamson: Past Chair Oregon Employment Relations Board

Roger Devine: Director School

Ron Buel: Founder of Willamette Week

Russel Senior: Chair: Municipal Broadband PDX

Russell Lum: Former head of Oregon Fair Trade Campaign

Travis Nelson: Oregon State House Representative HD 44

Let’s Work Together

There are may ways to get involved in building our new city governement.  I need to hear from everyone about what is working, what isn't working and what we need to do to improve our city and our neighborhoods.  Please share with me your ideas and suggestions.  

Thanks for submitting!

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