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Marc Koller 4 Portland District 2 

I am proud to share an important endorsement that I have recently recieved.

"I wholeheartedly support Marc Koller for Portland City Council applauding his
steadfast dedication to justice and compassion. Marc's forward-thinking vision
goes beyond the status quo by championing affordable housing, equitable
education, and community-driven policing. Join me in rallying behind Marc's
leadership to shape a Portland that truly honors and respects the dignity of every citizen."

-                 Dr. Cornel West

View the complete press release here

The new City Council has provided a unique opportunity for our neighborhoods to have local representation in city government. My pledge to you is to listen to your concerns and work with my fellow council members to find workable solutions to our most pressing problems. 
I am the ONLY candidate that is focused on the plight of seniors and the disabled that are struggling to survive on unsustainable fixed-income. 
It’s time to stop analyzing and start getting sh*t done.

If you are interested in joining our team, please let me know.

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